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Why Use Scoper?

Experience cool places.

Know what's really happening right now.

Be virtually anywhere at anytime.

Check out cool places anywhere in the world.
The future of Street View is here, rich and immersive.
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How It Works

Search the map for an area you want to see.

View existing videos or make a specific request.

Post and share your own cool place.

Have Fun

Become a service provider “Scoper Pro” and share mobile video with users from around the world. Scoper is a “micro transaction” based service that allows regular people to earn cash by performing simple videography services.  Contact us to learn more.

Familiar Search

Search the map to seek and find a Scoper near your request, they will evaluate your request and initiate a live video feed. With the ability to make specific requests, Scoper puts power into the hands of our users.

See the World

Become a Scoper user and request live video clips from anywhere in the world. Specific locations, places, or things can be requested and viewed through any Scoper’s rear facing camera.

Provide User Feedback

Know that you are doing business with a reputable provider, user and Provider ratings provide bi-directional feedback. Become a Pro by delivering multiple five star requests, and generate demand for new users.

Need a closer look at a car you’re considering buying?
Use Scoper before you travel to a dealer, test-drive, or buy.
Photo by Seier+Seier


Scoper is a new mobile device-sharing service, as such there are many questions. We hope to excel in providing excellent customer support and a great user experience. We want to hear your feedback, so keep the questions coming in. We will also launch a user forum where you can interact with other Scoper users to share your experiences, best practices, and cool ideas for the future of the Scoper community.

How does Scoper work?

Being a Scoper is simple, there are two modes; requestor and provider. Requestors are able to submit requests and then watch the live video stream specific to their request. Providers are able to both provide AND request live video services. A simple toggle switch allows you to chose either mode.

How do I become a Scoper?

It’s easy, just create a new user account.

Scopers wishing to be providers are required to verify their identity with an SMS confirmation code. Being a Scoper is a privilege, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

What if there is no Scoper in the location I wish to make a request?

Be patient, we are on-boarding users around the world. While we hope to reach every corner of the known and unknown world, the Scoper community will grow to reach your desired locations.

What are the rules, can I request live video of anything?

We operate around a few simple rules; 1) NO salacious or illegal activity 2) You must be 16 years of age to be a Scoper provider.

Explore the scene at beaches, parks, or events to avoid crowds.
Use Scoper instead of waiting for local or social media.
Photo by Ian Norman

Check out the crowd at your
favorite venue in order to time your arrival.

Use Scoper instead of relying on friends to already be there.
Photo by Jack Wallsten